Click on this picture to see a working sample of a restaurant website!You have probably thought about putting your business on the web, but have been overwhelmed by the complexity – hosting services, domain name registration, design costs, etc. At York Drive, LLC, we make things easy for the restaurant that wants to get on the web without a lot of bells and whistles. We offer a basic home page design and hosting service. With your input, we will design a unique home page on our website for you. You can then use that ‘address’ in your business print advertising (flyers, newspaper ads, etc.) as well as any online directories and web search engines. We can add menu pages, web coupons, directions and other features as well. If you want, you can even obtain a customized domain name and we will help you point it to your website on our hosting service.

More and more people are using the web to decide where to eat out

The work lunch crowd, people talking to their spouses and their friends about where to go out for lunch or dinner – these are just some examples of people who may even know about your restaurant, but do not quite remember the location or the exact name. They won’t know your telephone number handy – and they won’t have a copy of your latest flyer or newspaper ad on them. They will get on the Internet and do a search. For example, they may look up your town name and type in the word ‘pizza’ or ‘chicken’. For many people, the Internet has become the new Yellow Pages.

$99 per year is less than the cost of an ad in most newspapers for one day

We know how thin your profit margins are, which is why we have designed this “ala carte” menu of services. Getting your restaurant’s name, location, telephone number, etc. on the web shouldn’t be an expensive proposition – call us and we can get your business up on the web quickly.

Your cost for a home page subscription is only $99 per year - and if you add additional pages, they are only $50 per year each. All pages include our standard maintenance contract which covers changes/additions to your website, as long as you continue your subscription with us. Prices are subject to change at any time. Please contact us for a specific detailed quote for your new website.

Web Sites are three-dimensional advertising

Print ads are two-dimensional – within a set space you can list your hours, style of food, location, etc. With a flyer, you can probably fit your entire menu if you want. If you add a website address to your print ad, flyer, telephone directory listing, etc., you can make your advertising three-dimensional. On a website you can highlight your party facilities, catering opportunities, special holiday hours or menus – just about anything you can imagine. Prospective clients click on the links to the information they want to see – that make it three-dimensional advertising.

Your business is constantly changing – your website can change, too

Have you recently renovated? Use your website to let the whole world know about your new look. If you have special holiday hours, are finally taking that vacation and closing shop during the third week in July, or want let people know you now have a liquor license – all those time-sensitive details can be posted on your website – and then removed when they are no longer important.


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