Samples of other websites we have created: - uses no themes and is 4 pages in size. It does have a background though. - uses the Maize theme and is 6 pages in size.

Angels_ps_big.jpg (207226 bytes) uses the Artsy theme and is 4 pages in size.

AHS_ps_big.jpg (207976 bytes) uses the Bars theme and is growing every week in size! This is an example of using frames for the home page.

YORK_ps_big.jpg (174712 bytes) (the main website you are in now) uses the Tabs and Folders theme. The York Research Center is a sub-web and uses the Block theme and is 3 pages in size.


Here are some other sample websites with different themes you can choose from:

BB_ps_big.jpg (256605 bytes)Bed and Breakfast uses the Romanesque theme and is seven pages in size.

pizza_ps_big.jpg (249439 bytes)Pizza Place uses the Saturday TV Toons theme and is  seven pages in size.