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Prices are effective 1/1/07 and are subject to change.

Fanwood Business and Professional Association members are entitled to a 25% discount off our our standard pricing, including our annual maintenance agreements. Basic Web page design and publishing*, using standard Microsoft FrontPage features, including templates, Banner Ad Managers, Marquees, Hover Buttons, etc. is priced per page we create as follows:**

1 page $75 per year, including maintenance (Standard pricing is $99/Year per page for one to two page websites)
2 pages $150 per year, including maintenance 
3 pages $225/First Year, $187.50/Year maintenance thereafter (Standard pricing is $299/First Year, $250/Year maintenance thereafter) 
4 pages $300/First Year, $187.50/Year maintenance thereafter (Standard pricing is $100/page for the first year and $250/Year maintenance thereafter.)
5 pages $375/First Year, $187.50/Year maintenance thereafter
6 -10 pages $67.50 per page/First Year, $187.50/Year maintenance thereafter. Additional 10% Discount on the web page pricing.
11-15 pages $60 per page/First Year, 2nd Year Free maintenance, $187.50.00/Year maintenance thereafter.  Additional 20% Discount on the web page pricing.
16-20 pages $52.50 per page/First Year, 2nd Year Free maintenance, $187.50/Year maintenance thereafter.   Additional 30% Discount on the web page pricing.
21+ pages Please contact us directly for a detailed discounted quote on websites of 21 pages or more.

For example, if your proposed website has 15 pages, it will cost you $900.00 to create (15 times $60/per page equals $900), and then only $187.50 per year after the second year, to maintain it. For Fanwood BPA members, this is a discount of $300 for the first year and $62.50 after the second year.

And you don't have to get all the pages at once to get the discounted page pricing schedule. You can add pages later, and they will be covered by the pricing/discount schedule in effect at the time. Click here for a detailed list of pricing/page (Adobe Acrobat Reader Required).

Any attachments, pictures, etc. you have can be linked to your web pages at no additional cost. If you have a WORD document that you want converted to Adobe Acrobat format (to protect its contents, formatting, etc.), we can convert it for $18.75 per document (up to a five page document). This is how we create our online coupons. We can also make it a fill-able form (work priced for this task is by the hour at $75 per hour in 15 minute intervals - min $18.75 charge).

We can also scan documents in our flatbed scanner and convert them into Adobe Acrobat format (they will remain pictures and not have any optical character - OCR- capability) at our BPA discounted hourly rate billed at $75 per hour in 15 minute intervals (minimum of $18.75 charge).



Standard Maintenance Agreement

When you have a website of three (3) or more pages, you can purchase a Standard Maintenance Agreement for your web pages, which allows for each page we create to be updated (republished) once a month. When each web page is first created and published, the 12 month free maintenance period starts. After this 12 month period ends, you can subscribe to our Standard Maintenance Agreement which covers all of the web pages we have designed. The BPA Discounted annual fee for this service is $187.50, regardless of how many pages you have, that we created - as long as you continue to be a Fanwood BPA member in good standing. If you want more than one update per page per month (or you want us to modify pages on your website that we did not create) the cost is on an hourly basis, billed at the Fanwood BPA discount rate of $75 per hour in 15 minute intervals (minimum of $18.50 charge). If we create a website for you under three (3) pages and you do not continue to pay the Standard Maintenance Agreement on the following years, if you need any changes, you will be subject to our standard billing rate noted above.

Constant Contact

We also use Constant Contact for outgoing e-mail marketing (announcements, e-newsletters, etc.). This is a subscription service that allows you to send HTML (picture) e-mails with links to your website, coupons and more. It is a self-maintaining e-mail list - meaning, if people want to take themselves off of the list they can (it's not 'SPAM') and they can also forward the e-mail to others and they can add themselves to the e-mail list. You can create your own e-mails in Constant Contact (click here to learn more) or you can have us create the e-mails for you (based on the standard models included in the software and your own marketing text and pictures). Constant Contact charges based on the number of 'subscribers' (unique e-mail addresses you are sending to), so our pricing is tiered to that:


Less than 100 subscribers - $50 per outgoing e-mail marketing piece. This includes 1 free Acrobat Conversion of a Word Document as an attachment (coupon, flyer, etc.), which is a $25 value.


100 - 499 subscribers - $75 per outgoing e-mail marketing piece. This includes 2 free Acrobat Conversions of a Word Document as an attachment (coupon, flyer, etc.), which is a $50 value.


500 - 1000 subscribers - $100 per outgoing e-mail marketing piece. This includes 3 free Acrobat Conversions of a Word Document as an attachment (coupon, flyer, etc.), which is a $75 value.


More than 1000 subscribers? Please contact us for specific pricing details at the time of your request.


Please Note: Since your subscriber list is self-maintaining, it can grow on its own! People can add themselves to your list and tell their friends to add themselves. This will make your pricing go up - but you will be marketing to more people - and they will be people who want to get your e-mails!

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We can also service your incoming e-mails (for those people/businesses who do not visit the internet on a daily basis... yet). For $50 per month (this covers the first 50 e-mails processed by us, each additional e-mail is $1 per e-mail we process to/from you) we will monitor your e-mail addresses and pass along (via fax, mail or telephone call) to you the contents of the incoming e-mails you receive and outgoing e-mails you want to send back to your customers. For example, let's say you have a decorating business and a prospective client wants to set up a meeting. We will get the e-mail and pass it along to you (1st e-mail processed), and you can make the call or you can dictate a confirmation e-mail back to the customer through us and we'll send it back (2nd e-mail processed). Once your business is up and running, you will probably want to do this type of interaction with clients yourself. This service is great for businesses just starting, or those that do not use the internet as their main method of communication with customers. Please note: there is a 24 hour turn-around for our e-mail service. This feature should not be used by businesses with urgent client communication needs. 


Currently we do not offer pages that provide secured/encrypted features for credit card payments. We can create an order page for products or services, but we can't create a mechanism for receiving payments via the web. We can recommend that you use PayPal for some of these features. 

 Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

Please note: we do not offer any JAVA, Macromedia Flash, ActiveX or other components that are not part of FrontPage.

Website Hosting and Domain Name Services

* Prices do include hosting of your website, but do not include obtaining domain names, legal review of documents, etc.  For Domain Names (you have to use a service to register your unique website name), we use NameSecure.com. If you want , we can help you obtain a domain name, and we will will pass through to you any costs associated with that process to you as part of our first billing. Any pass-through costs are not subject to the Fanwood BPA discount.

Website Page is defined as less than two (2) printed pages at a standard reading font size, if printed on a standard 8 by 11 inch piece of paper. If any website page, when printed exceeds two (2) pages in either length or width, then it will count as the number of printed pages divided by two and then rounded up to a whole number. For example, if the number of printed pages is seven (7), then the website page count is four (4) pages.


Corporate Partners

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